Meet Pam Showalter, President of CAWC

20 Mar, 2022 | Meet the Member

I am very honoured to have been elected this year, as the President of this wonderful club for the second time!

I guess it is obvious that I love the CAWC International and all that it stands for, especially as the members embrace and emulate the motto of Fun, Friendship and Philanthropy.

This is my third time living in this area and to be a member of this great club. My family and I first moved here in late 1991 from Pittsburgh, and while it was supposed to be for 18 months, we had the luck to live here until 1998.

We then moved back to the Great Missenden area in 2001 and after four years moved to Brussels in 2005. We moved back to the Chilterns in August 2013, this time for good, having purchased our home here and become British citizens. This time though it is just my husband Bill and myself, along with our flat coated retriever, Charly.

Our three children had attended local schools and then later on TASIS before we moved to Brussels. All three have now graduated from university and are gainfully employed-Yeah! The difficult bit is getting our family together in person.

Our eldest son is married and living in Prague with his family, our second son lives and works in New York City and our daughter, luckily lives and works in London, so we get to see her relatively often. I have had the good fortune to continue to work as an attorney while being in all of these locations and also to be very involved in the CAWC and the AWCB (women’s club in Brussels) as well as serve on the school boards of TASIS and St John’s in Brussels.

CAWC Board

When I first came to Buckinghamshire the CAWC helped me make friends and integrate into the community. I have had wonderful experiences as a member of this Club, visited some wonderful places and made lifelong friendships.

Our Club has a wide range of activities – there is something for everyone. My advice, enjoy and embrace every opportunity.

Living in the Chilterns with all that is on offer is an adventure – so have fun!