Meet our new Co-Presidents

1 Jun, 2022 | Meet the Member

Meet Daniela Matson and Andrea Grimes-Crompton

Meet the Member: Daniela Matson
We moved to Buckinghamshire in 2016 and I was very fortunate to learn about CAWC International BEFORE we arrived. As luck would have it, the first home we rented was being vacated by a CAWC member heading back to the US and she was kind enough to introduce me to the Club. The rest is history! I’ve been a member ever sense and have held various roles over that time on both the Board and the Bazaar Committee. The Club was integral to our getting settled in the area as I was instantly connected to this amazing group of fun and interesting ladies who knew the area, always had great activities planned, and who truly enjoyed working together to support a local charity. The thread of friendship definitely runs through all the shared Club experiences, and I consider myself very lucky to be part of this amazing group of women.

Meet the Member: Andrea Grimes-Crompton
Discovering CAWC was fabulous. I’d always searched for International clubs whilst living abroad but figured moving back to the UK would be ‘easy’. The clubs and activities alone tempted me and after my first club meeting I knew I had to join. The person that invited me to connect, Daniela Matson, was only a kilometer away from where we lived house in Paris. We met in the UK through mutual friends that connected us. That’s truly is ‘six degrees of separation”. We are now solid friends and shared the role of first VP prior to this new adventure sharing the role of President.

We are beyond thrilled to have been elected as the new Co-Presidents of CAWC International for the 2022/2023 Club year. Have served as co-1st Vice Presidents for the past few years (and through the Pandemic) we have gained a whole new appreciation for the Club, its amazing membership, and what it can accomplish both socially and philanthropically even in the face of adversity. It is a tremendous honour to lead this organization and we look forward to working with our >100 members to make our Club even stronger and better over the coming year.