Meet Neelam Challoner – A new member

29 Apr, 2022 | Meet the Member

I am thrilled to have joined CAWC as I was looking to expand my social network whilst having a meaningful and philanthropic agenda!

I am Asian British and happily married. I worked and lived in Ibiza-Spain, Turkey and New York in my 20’s Not the usual thing for a young Asian Gal in the 90’s! but I always went against the grain.

My work as a professional Coach is both a business and my vocation. I get a genuine kick out of transforming people’s lives and releasing their potential. I am also a published Author where I share my spiritual journey “God and I, Our Conversations”.

I love spa days, afternoon tea and lunches. I love stimulating conversations and I tend to look on the bright side.

I have recently joined the Board and am keen to play a greater part in recruiting new members, raising money, making new friends and having some fun in this group. I am looking forward to building connections at CAWC and hope I can spread joy and inspiration too.

Anyone reading this, who is not a member of CAWC international, do consider joining; you will get a warm and bubbly welcome.

Seize the Day-Carpe Diem