Club History – 2010s

1 Jul, 2023 | Club History

Fashion 2010sIn the 2010s women continued taking the lead on major issues. The teenager, Greta Thunberg, galvanised young people and politicians to focus attention on climate change. The ‘Me Too’ movement, started by a Tweet from Alyssa Milano, drew attention to harassment and violence against women, particularly in the workplace, which led to sweeping changes in many organizations. Attitudes to traditional gender roles continued to change and women’s voices were starting to be heard in greater numbers across the world.

Fashion became much more casual in the 2010s. With the rise of the wellness movement boutique fitness culture led to a demand for more fashionable workout clothes, a style which spilled over onto the high street. The Social Media phenomenon led to ‘street style’ gaining further prestige along with bloggers and influencers. Again, thanks to social media, sub cultures became mainstream.

Throughout the 2010s, the Club went from strength to strength, continuing to adapt to changes. One of the major changes was to become an international membership, with ties to North America no longer a pre-requisite for new members. While membership numbers were not at the level of the 2000s, the number of activities remained high and the Club continued to raise a considerable amount of money for worthwhile causes in the local area.

The Charity Christmas Bazaar held in November continued to be the main fundraising event and sums raised continued to increase as new ideas generated more income. In particular the Christmas baskets and hampers were extremely popular and as the Bazaar’s popularity increased more and more local firms and sponsors donated prizes and made financial contributions.

The Club’s activities continued to be well supported. Outings continued with Stoke on Trent Potteries and Ascot being annual favourites and visits to local landmarks in Buckinghamshire and further afield being well attended. General meetings continued to be informative and entertaining with a wide variety of interesting speakers and demonstrations.