Club History – 2000s

1 Jun, 2023 | Club History

The 2000s saw activism for women’s rights increase. By using largely peaceful means – hunger strikes, human chains, petitions – women across the world were drawing attention to the need for gender and further recognition for equality for women.

Online campaigns were becoming very powerful in changing typical female stereotypes. Fashion for women in the 2000s was as much about accessories as the clothing. Statement sunglasses, baguette bags, neckties, hairclips and belly chains were considered must have items by many.

Membership of the Club reached over 400 during the 2000s. Still meeting at the Epilepsy Centre, the Club needed 25 hostesses per meeting to arrange refreshments.

On a more somber note, members of CAWC were invited by the Queen to attend a service in St Paul’s Cathedral to honor those lost in 9/11. CAWC designed a 2001 commemorative Limoges box and 100% of profits went to help victims and families of 9/11 terrorist attacks. A commemorative plate was commissioned to celebrate 20 years of CAWC. The plate portrayed a tree which was the club logo at the time.