Club History – 1960s

1 Feb, 2023 | Club History

The sixties saw many changes for women. Developments in household technology eased the demands of household chores to a certain extent and more jobs in the service sector meant more jobs became available for women. More young women went on to higher education and university.

In 1960 Sri Lanka elected the world’s first female prime minster and 1968, in the U.K., Barbara Castle became the first female Secretary of State. Throughout Europe and U.S. women’s equality movements were forming and demanding equal opportunities. The space gathered momentum and in 1963, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in outer space.

Mary Quant dressFashion in the 1960s became more casual for everyone. Womenswear followed three broad trends: a continuation of the previous decade’s ladylike elegance, the youthful styles of Mary Quant and the Space Age influence, and the late 1960s “hippie” style.

During the 1960’s more members joined and the Club and it continued to grow and develop, so much so it was decided to formally organize the Club. Ann Sweider was elected the first president and dues were collected for the first time. Meetings continued to take place in the homes of the members giving the American wives an opportunity to meet people in the local community giving them broader experience of life in the UK.

More activities were being organized – Bridge was the most popular activity and at Christmas, carol singing was a particular favourite. Outings for the children of the members were also introduced.