Activity Update – Let’s Cook

1 Feb, 2024 | Activity Showcase

Saadia cooking

Let’s Cook is an event hosted by a CAWC member, who wants to share their favourite recipes with a group of other ladies.The hostess chooses the date and time that suit and invites the Let’s Cook group to her house. The host demonstrates the cooking process for the recipes she has chosen and the food is shared with the group.

In January 2024, Saddia Baber hosted a Let’s Cook event at her home, sharing her love of her culture.

I love hosting Let’s Cook as it gives me a chance to share my culture with others it’s also a great way to learn from one another in a relaxed sociable manner and open our minds about rituals and cuisines from around the world ” Saadia

I enjoy attending the Let’s Cook events because it not only feeds our appetite but also feeds our soul with fun conversations, different diverse cultures, travel tips and friendships! ” Kelli, one of the evenings attendees.

lets cook attendees feb 24 blog

Let’s Cook group 

The menu from Saadia’s Let’s Cook session:

  • White rice with mushrooms
  • Keema mirchi (Mince with peppers)
  • Daal (lentil dish)
  • Raita (cucumber yoghurt)
  • Pitta bread