Activity – Tennis

1 Feb, 2023 | Activity Showcase

Laurie schruberHi there, my name is Laurie Schruber. I am from Texas, USA and I have been with the Club for over nine years.

Currently, I am responsible for looking after the vendors for our Charity Christmas Bazaar. The thing I love most about the CAWC is the friendships you make, lifelong friendships in many cases. It is an instant family. I also love how a small group of determined women can come together and make things happen. We have raised so much money for charity over the years, over £350,000. It really is incredible.

Tennis activityI started playing tennis a few years ago at the suggestion of a friend. It is a wonderful way to get out into the fresh air, be active and have fun with friends (not to mention it is also a great way to experience the British weather!) My ambition is to go to Wimbledon. I would love to see Venus and Serena Williams play. These two magnificent athletes have done so much for women’s tennis.

Their dedication and hard work has been inspirational for many tennis players of all ages. I also have a particular soft spot for Andy Murray! I would encourage everyone to have a go at tennis. It is such a social sport, a good way to get exercise and a lot of fun.