Activity – Stitch and Chat

1 Jan, 2023 | Activity Showcase

Lety wickesHello everyone. My name is Lety Wicks. I am originally from Mexico but I have been living in the UK for nearly 40 years. I have been a member of CAWC International for 22 years and part of the Craft Group – or ‘Stitch and Chat’ as we call it – for over ten years.

I am a knitter. I was taught to knit by my sister Laura about 60 years ago. I tend to knit things that are very straight forward like scarves, jumpers, baby blankets. I enjoy knitting as it relaxes me, and I get a sense of pride from the various things I have created.

I like being a member of Stitch and Chat because you can share the sense of achievement with friends in the group as well as share in their successes. It is also a source of inspiration and support, particularly when a particular project is not going as well as I would have hoped!

I joined Stitch and Chat with the intention of learning to do other crafts, such as quilting and embroidery. In the past a group of American ladies used to organise us in producing a part for a quilt that later it would be raffled at our annual Bazaar!    

There are many, many talented ladies in our group and I am always in awe of the incredible things they produce. I would really recommend becoming a member of this group. You should try it; you will see making beautiful things is not as difficult as you might imagine.