Activity – Bunco

1 Mar, 2023 | Activity Showcase

My name is Marni and I have been a member of the Club for about two years. I joined as my girls were leaving home and I wanted to meet new people and try new things.

I wasn’t particularly interested in Bunco but I was encouraged to go along by another member. I had never played Bunco before but I picked it up really easily. It is very straight-forward. It involves rolling three dice to try and get a particular set of numbers. You start trying to roll ones, then twos, then threes and so on. It really is that easy.

There are various prizes depending on how many points you score and you get to wear a tiara! What’s not to like?

It is surprising how absorbing it is. It makes it easy to switch off from the day’s events and unwind. There are usually about twelve of us playing and as you move around quite a lot you get to meet everyone and have a chat.

It is so much fun and there is always a great deal of laughter and excitement. I would highly recommend it. Go on – give it a go!