CAWC International is a member of FAWCO, a network of independent American and international volunteer organizations representing private-sector American citizens overseas. As a member of CAWC you are also a member of FAWCO.

Founded in 1931, FAWCO is an international network of independent volunteer clubs and associations. There are 65 member clubs in 34 countries worldwide, with a total Membership of around 12,000. FAWCO serves as a resource and channel of information among its members; promotes the rights of U.S. citizens overseas; active as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with special consultative status to the UN Economic and Social Council; and contributes to the global community through its Task Forces and The FAWCO Foundation, which provides development grants and education awards.

FAWCO and The FAWCO Foundation also collaborate on emergency funding for disaster relief. FAWCO has representatives at UN Headquarters in New York, Geneva, and Vienna to disseminate information about the UN to FAWCO members. Our representatives attend UN meetings on behalf of FAWCO and focus on issues specifically related to women and children in the areas of education, environment, health, and human rights.  

Among many other benefits – membership in FAWCO means you, as a CAWC member, have access to the FAWCO Education Awards and Development Grants Programs.



Created by and for FAWCO clubs, the Education Awards Program recognizes and honours the academic excellence and all-around achievement of FAWCO Club and FAUSA members and their children since 1972. FAWCO hopes to promote international understanding and good will by giving annual awards for study, in the US or abroad, at high school, undergraduate and graduate levels. The Foundation Awards Program is open to all FAWCO and FAUSA club members and their children regardless of nationality. The children of the members of the Board of Directors of FAWCO, The FAWCO Foundation and FAUSA, as well as Directors themselves are not eligible for awards.
Awards range from $3,000-5,000.



The FAWCO Foundation Development Grant Fund is a dynamic program that financially contributes to projects that are passionately supported by FAWCO member clubs. A FAWCO Development Grant can be a vehicle for the CAWC to help acquire additional funds for our charities. Grants are in the areas of Education, Environment, Health and Human Rights.



If you have children who are/will be 16, you should know about the FAWCO Youth Program. The FAWCO Youth Program includes several modules: Youth Cultural Volunteers, Youth Ambassador, UN Youth Rep and Youth Programs, including the Eleanor Roosevelt Girls Leadership Workshop.


For more information about FAWCO, voting overseas, tax and banking, citizenship issues, the FAWCO Youth Program and ALL other things FAWCO related, please visit the website and register to access the information. www.fawco.org