About Us



Welcome to CAWC INTERNATIONAL, known as the “CAWC”. Now in our 33rd year, CAWC is thriving in our Chilterns’ communities.

CAWC has something to offer everyone. We are a diverse group of international women who call this area home, either temporarily or permanently. CAWC has grown organically and currently has an international membership of over 100, representing several nationalities.

While we still provide support, helping newly arrived expats and repatriates alike assimilate into life in the UK, we are also a women’s membership of British and international locals. We have a culture of dynamic, vibrant, fun and intelligent women who love to learn about the area and UK history, as well as make friends and provide a supportive network for those in need.

No matter where you originate from, our members enjoy fellowship, friendship, social, networking, learning, sport and serving. We offer a great array of activities per month! Go to our calendar to see what is happening throughout the month and join in.

Each year we support a local charity. Fundraising occurs throughout the year, culminating in our amazing annual Christmas Charity Bazaar, held each November. This bazaar is highly anticipated throughout the community and by our members – even in this time of Covid-19. This year our chosen charity is the ‘MND Breathing Support Project’, which has the full backing of the Chiltern Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Most MND sufferers die of respiratory failure, within a year of diagnosis. With CAWC support, the 40 + MND sufferers in the Chiltern area (10+ new diagnosed each year), could receive transformative care.

Take Note: Due to Coronavirus, CAWC is undergoing changes to offer an attractive number of virtual activities. This programme is being worked on and new members are welcome to join us for these during the summer. We hope that meetings will start up again in the Autumn albeit in a limited format based on Government advice.

In addition to General Meetings and special events, CAWC members can enjoy special interest activities together. Activity groups are established and organised by members who are interested in pursuing their personal interests and hobbies with other CAWC members. We are hoping these can start up face to face again soon but in the meantime, some are offered via Zoom or other platforms.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club! Come and experience CAWC.

Photos from our Christmas Luncheon